Chip Comparer

This program will first map each probeset ID in your selected microarray chips (A and B) to corresponding LocusID using LocusLink and UniGene dbs, then report the probeset ID pair (from A and B) that refer to the same gene locus (if same organism) or the orthologs (if different organisms, using NCBI-HomoloGene).

Compare microarray chip A:      with B:  
    Hint: to see the chip annotation and probe convergence, compare a chip to itself.

When a probesetID-corresponding UniGene cluster matches multiple LocusIDs, use
primary LocusID    all LocusIDs

When a probesetID in chip A matches multiple probesetIDs in B, report the matched pairs
in separate rows (format A, one:multiple)
   in separate rows (format B, one:one)
   in one row


Last updated:   08/08/2005
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